Welcome to B&B Computers for your computing needs

We offer a wide range of services such as

Cleaning Computer/Server Towers


Cleaning Laptop Computers


The two reason for higher cleaning fee for laptops are as follows

1 Smaller areas to work in

2 harder to clean areas

HardDrive Replacement

IDE $35.00 Plus Cost Of New One Depending On The Size You Want.

SATA $45.00 Plus Cost Of New One Depending On What Size You Want

Cable Replacement

IDE Cable $15.00

SATA Cable $20.00 Plus



CD $30.00 CDR $40.00 CDRW $50.00

DVD $55.00 DVDR $60.00 DVDRW $65.00

BLURAY $65.00

USB Cable Depending on the length of cable

Memory Upgrades Depending on how much you want to go up to

We WAIVE the CLEANING FEE of your tower or laptop if the price is over the cleaning fee price

Example $30.00 cleaning plus $60.00 for bluray = $90.00 but you only pay $60.00






I charge a $10.00 Hourly labor Fee but do have discounts as follows

$10.00 for Student with valid I.D.

Dont have a valid I.D. you will have to pay full price

$10.00 for seniors 55 and older with valid I.D.



Diagnostics on Laptop or Desktop